A dog by any other name could eat you out of house and home! Do you ever wonder why your pet eats so much and all the time? 

With all of the begging and eating Sugar, the dog, does, his favorite boy starts to become suspicious.

Come join the adventure as a little boy works hard to solve the mystery of what and who his pet dog Sugar really is. We promise you will have lots of fun!


50% of the proceeds from the sale of "Fur Pig" will be donated to the nonprofit organization "The Gift Project". For the purpose of building new homes for foster children as well as supporting existing children's homes that provide love and support for one of God's most precious gifts to this world, children. 


Annette Stellick is a Midwestern girl from Wisconsin living in Nashville, Tennessee. As a young child she enjoyed writing stories.

As Annette grew up and married, she had three gifts given to her—Portia, Paige, and Gavin.  She then enjoyed making up stories for their amusement and laughter.

She would now like to share the laughter with you and hopes you are amused!